Premier Remodeling Services

Who We Are

Premier Remodeling Services

Our focus is on projects that fit between your neighborhood handyman and the large general contractor that does major additions. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, decks, repairs or modifications. Our team includes an electrician, plumber, mason, cabinet installer, flooring professional, tile expert, painters, carpenters and countertop technicians and much more. We will help guide you during design and the selections process with our network of showrooms or an interior designer for a more hands on approach.

Our projects are typically a few days to 4 – 6 weeks in duration. As a general rule our projects start around $3,500.

Professional Remodeling

Our primary service area includes the Greater Orlando Area of Seminole County, Orange County, City of Orlando and parts of Lake County sections of Central Florida. We will go to most all other areas of Central Florida, from coast to coast, for larger opportunities.

What Type of Kitchen Renovation is Right for You?

There are a many factors why homeowners come to a conclusion to create a new kitchen.

  • Your kitchen may be outdated
  • Your kitchen has things that are broken or not performing well
  • You might not have sufficient storage space
  • You might not have adequate lighting
  • There simply might not be enough space
  • You may be considering reselling your home

What Type of Bath Remodel is Right for You?

There are many reasons why homeowners decide to explore a new bath remodel.

  • Your bathroom happens to be obsolete
  • Your bathroom might not work well
  • You might not have sufficient storage space
  • You might not have great lighting
  • There essentially might not be adequate space
  • Something can be broken or require fixing
  • You might be considering reselling